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Cuoco's Herschell Taghap Cooks Filipino at Ting Momo

Eater apologizes for being a little late to the party on this one, but Cuoco line cook Herschell Taghap has a Filipino pop-up dinner in the works for October 5. Taghap, also the lively social media voice for the restaurant, is holding his Thrilla in Manila upstairs at fellow Tom Douglas venue Ting Momo.

The dinner is $25 and includes a staggering amount of food, from snacks to lumpia to main dishes like kare kare, aka peanut butter stew. Oh, the menu also includes a whole roast pig. No big deal. The entire menu is up online; Taghap, a Chicago native of Filipino descent, also includes his own commentary on each dish. Bonus: Once he's done cooking, Taghap starts spinning; he's a bit of a DJ as well.

There must be something about the kitchen at Cuoco that inspires pop-ups. This summer Taghap's kitchen cohort Erik Jackson launched a bimonthly Monday night dinner at Volunteer Park Cafe, which he cut short when he left Cuoco to work at The Coterie Room. Thrilla in Manila still has seats available; you can get your tickets here.

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[Photo: Ting Momo/Suzi Pratt]


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