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Jess Voelker Leaving Seattle Met for DC Magazine Job

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Jess Voelker says she is vacating her post as Seattle Met's lifestyle editor for a magazine in The Other Washington. Voelker will leave Seattle mid-October to become the online dining editor at Washingtonian magazine, editing its Best Bites blog and contributing both articles and reviews to the magazine itself. No surprise: she will be working on an upcoming Best Bars issue.

During her four and a half years at Seattle Met, Voelker's beat has included food, drink, architecture and design. In addition to her print coverage, she regularly breaks restaurant news on the Nosh Pit blog and writes about all things drinking-related on Sauced. For these reasons, her name appears regularly on this site (full disclosure: Eater is a big fan, even though she beats us to stories more often than we'd like). Voelker is no stranger to DC; she lived there for six years before moving to Seattle.

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[Image: Washingtonian]