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Rover's 24-Year Anniversary; Boundary Bay Expands

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MADISON VALLEY—Happy anniversary to Rover's, where chef Thierry Rautureau marks 24 years as of today. Back in December 1988, Seattle Times critic John Hinterberger had this to say: "Chef Rautureau, 29, has managed to employ the art of presentation (with considerable flair) while retaining proper emphasis where it should be: on the foods themselves, with flavors enhanced and augmented, but never disguised." That early review contains no mention of hats, and the excellent statement that "even with soup or salad it is hard to spend more than $10" at lunch." Ah, the 80s. Rover's is doing a special "24 tastes" menu tonight to mark the occasion. It costs slightly more than $10. [EaterWire, Seattle Times]

BELLINGHAMThe DJC says Boundary Bay is expanding into a space next door, and the increased production means we can expect to see more of the brewery's wares on tap around Seattle. [DJC]

[Photo: Justin C/Yelp]

DOWNTOWNBoka Kitchen & Bar is introducing The Mix List, a series of six cocktails, each concocted by one of the restaurant's bartenders. Each libation bears its creator's name, though the Leaf Erickson wins points on punnage alone. The list debuts today, and patrons who sample all six drinks before December are entered into a drawing for dinner and an overnight at Hotel 1000. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN—Eater operatives say Kathie Lee Gifford dined at Tulio last night; she's in town for her musical, Saving Aimee. [EaterWire]

Rover's Restaurant

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