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Check Out Ann Rule's On-The-Market Digs; Our Chat With Maggie Morgan

And now, the week's hits from our sister site Curbed Seattle:

BURIEN— Surprise number one: Ann Rule lives in Seattle! Surprise number two: her house in Burien is on the market! We took a look at the The Killer Beside Me author's digs in the south end, which include a pretty gorgeous house and a cabin that's much in need of some TLC. But hey, waterfront!

ON THE INTERWEBS—Readers who were baffled by our obsessed with local interior designer Maggie Morgan, ask no more. We sat down with the woman herself to find out what she actually does all day, what it's like taking the plunge into the industry, and what room she's totally dying to get her hands on.

FEDERAL WAY—Buying a condo is a dicey proposition -- it's expensive, it's stressful, and more often than not it doesn't turn out exactly the way you wanted. Except in Federal Way, where the expensive part is absolutely negotiable! Check out this one-bed we found in the 253 for less than the price of a nice-looking automobile. Who said money can't buy happiness?