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Surprise, Surprise...Manhattan Drugs Will Be on Capitol Hill

Eater got word over the weekend of the confirmed 12th Avenue location for Manhattan Drugs, the new project from empire-builder Laura Olson and architect fiance Chris Pardo (among others). And while we were busy sharpening our red arrow skills, along comes Capitol Hill Seattle blog with a most comprehensive update on what's in store for the former Izilla Toys (and Retrofit Home) address.

The space is located next to La Spiga and across the street from Barrio, continuing the fearsome development of the 12th Avenue restaurant corridor (Canon, Ba Bar, Momiji, etc.). It also occupies geographic middle ground between other Capitol Hill projects from Olson's Pterodactyl Group, including Po Dog, Auto Battery, Grim's and forthcoming lounge The Social.

Pardo tells CHS that he and fellow partner Corey St. John named the place after a longtime Normandy Park pharmacy that closed in 2009; the pair found the pharmacy's original neon sign last year and became inspired. Per Pardo, "Manhattan Drugs is designed to be a place where you can go for lunch or dinner enjoy a great steak or hamburger and an ice cold beer for a reasonable price. The decor is based on community allowing everyone to interact and unwind." It's slated to open in November.

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1419 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA (206) 325-6574 Visit Website

Manhattan Drugs

1419 12th Ave., Seattle, WA