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Jamie Boudreau's Canon is a Booze Enthusiast's Toyland

[Photos: Eater Seattle]

To say that Jamie Boudreau likes collecting things would be a comical understatement. And now the well-regarded local barman has a place to display the vintage glassware, books, bottles and Prohibition-era souvenirs he has amassed over the years. Canon (full name Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium) has set September 14 as its official opening date, but watch the much-anticipated bar's Facebook and Twitter feeds for soft opening details.

Obviously there are plenty of things to drink here, but the former Licorous space also brims with things to look at. Valuable items like the bottle of Haig & Haig that reportedly belonged to the Kennedy estate stay up on the high shelves. Other prized items include a bottle of Cherokee Spring Whiskey, distilled in Tacoma around 100 years ago, as well as bottles of "medicinal whiskey" distilled during Prohibition and dispensed by prescription only.

The bathroom has a replica old-timey radio and a window full of Prohibition-era curios; newspaper headlines trumpeting Repeal Day hang on the walls; if you look hard enough you'll even spot the vintage-style photo of Boudreau's dog. Tiny toy cannons will embellish the plates of food from chef Melinda Bradley and, oh yes, there are a staggering amount of bottles lining the shelves. Team Canon estimates that Canon's inventory is roughly five times larger than that of other bars...and growing.

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