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Mt. Vernon Mayor Drops Sketchy, Attention-Getting Opposition to Mexican Restaurant

[Photo: Calle/Facebook]

The Seattle Times says that Mt. Vernon mayor Bud Norris has reversed course and removed his objection to a liquor license for proposed Mexican restaurant Calle Tacos and Tequila. Norris sparked quite a controversy (and not a few accusations of racism) when he opposed this restaurant project from Edgar Carreon, owner of new Maple Leaf restaurant/tequileria Coa, and his brother Carlos.

According to the Times, Norris sent a one-sentence letter to the liquor control board withdrawing his opposition; he told the paper he changed his mind after meeting with the Carreon brothers. Norris is no stranger to controversy, but as reporter Erik Lacitis notes, this latest one "has inadvertently given considerable publicity to a small restaurant that will seat 50 to 60 people."

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Calle Tacos and Tequila

517 S 1st Street, Mt. Vernon, WA