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The Coterie Room's Large, Small, and Family-Style Plates

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The buzz surrounding The Coterie Room is picking up of late, and chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough say their new restaurant could be open early next week (as always, such things are a moving target).

The duo, known for cocktailian gastrotaverns Spur and Tavern Law are busy converting the former Restaurant Zoe space into a be-chandeliered den of cracklins, smoked king crab, wagyu beef brisket and other familiar Americana foods given a detailed upgrade.

The chefs recently explained to Julien Perry the philosophy behind the $10 round for the kitchen listed on the menu. And it looks like the rest of the dinner fare has taken shape as well. Check out the preliminary menu here, with all the usual caveats about dishes, prices, etc. being subject to change. The Coterie Room will also do brunch and lunch.

The menu begins with small plates, including cod fritters ($8) and "our version of poutine" ($12) which, in case you were wondering, consists of fries topped with braised pork shoulder gravy and fried Beecher's curds. A plate of marinated beets ($8) is dressed with roasted pistachios, baby arugula and cottage cheese from Cowgirl Creamery.

Main courses range in price from $17 to $35, and include duck leg confit ($26), a burger with truffle cheddar cheese ($17), and the aforementioned smoked crab ($29), served with hash browns and bacon hollandaise.

The menu also includes a whole section of shareable family-style plates, ranging from charcuterie and cheese platters ($24 apiece) to steamed Taylor Shellfish Farms mussels with chorizo ($21) and buttermilk fried chicken (brined for six hours; cooked sous vide for four) with potato and bacon hash, chicken gravy and a frisee salad ($32). Feeling totally decadent? There's also a shareable Wagyu beef brisket plate ($45) that comes with ricotta whipped potatoes and some vegetable accompaniments. These plates, say the chefs, could be shared by two, or by a larger group as part of a constellation of bigger and smaller plates.

Obviously Eater will be stalking the good chefs for opening updates but you can also sign up for the mailing list and get the early word.

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[Photo: Kristin Zwiers/McCracken Tough]

The Coterie Room

2137 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121 206 656 8000 Visit Website

The Coterie Room

2137 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA