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Super Deli Mart: Goofus or Gallant

Super_Deli_Mart_Seattle.jpgThe Atlantic recently rhapsodized over West Seattle's Super Deli Mart, calling it a postmodern Elks Club. One of the *many* reasons we heart Washington Beer Blog is that Kendall Jones keeps it real. Here's Jones' take on his neighborhood mini mart beer temple:

Super Deli Mart still confounds me. I’m at a loss for words.Twenty-seven kegs of Dogfish Head in one week at a joint that used to be a Hoagies Corner and still resembles a 7-Eleven. Yes, you can get a Cheesy British sandwich to accompany your pint of Dogfish Head Raspberry Fort Belgian-style ale. Why not pick up a pack of Camel Lights and a box of tampons while you’re there? WTF?
We think Jones is honing in on the fact that Super Deli Mart is lacking a bit--in the atmosphere department. [The Atlantic/Washington Beer Blog]

Super Deli Mart

9051 35th Ave SW, Seattle, WA