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Montana Senator Jon Tester is Packing Meat

Photo: Jon Tester/Facebook

Check out this awesome New York Times profile of Montana Senator Jon Tester, which reveals that he regularly hauls 40 pounds of meat with him to DC, when Congress is in session. Tester tells the reporter, “Taking meat with us is just something that we do” and “we like our own meat.” Indeed. Some more fun details:

The Testers prefer their grain-fed beef smothered in canned cream-of-mushroom soup and a squirt of ketchup, cooked down in a slow cooker. They like their [Montana natch]purple barley boiled up as a side dish and then set into a bath of Cool Whip and served with a nice bottle of pinot noir
Our only remaining question, which pinot noir would pair best?

· Loyal to His 4-Legged Constituents [NYT]


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