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Flying Squirrel Pizza's Meaty Substitution; Dogfish Head Days at Super Deli Mart

Photo: Corinne Kuchling/Flying Squirrel Pizza Company

SEWARD PARKSeattle Met's Allecia Vermillion delves into the case of the missing #7 Flying Squirrel pizza and finds that the blame, as with all things, lies squarely with vegans. Joke's on you vegans--#7 will henceforth be a meatball pie. [Seattle Met]

WEST SEATTLESeattle Times' Tan Vinh talks Dogfish Head Week at Super Deli Mart begins today, and Vinh thinks it might be the best day to stop in for the famous 90 minute IPA. [Seattle Times]

BELLTOWNLucky 8 Diner has begun delivery reports Seattle Met's Allecia Vermillion. Delivery hours are from 5-10pm Monday through Saturday and 5 - 9 pm on Sundays. The delivery area is delineated by Western Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Denny Way and Virginia Street. [Seattle Met]

Flying Squirrel Pizza

4920 South Genesee St, Seattle, WA