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Snag Houseboat for Under 200K; Hipster-off Commences

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

EASTLAKE -- Have a New Year's resolution to try new things? Ax the crazy diet regimens and obscene workout plans and opt instead for a change in scenery with this fabulous and cozy houseboat now on the market. For only $199,000, you can snag this 2-bedroom houseboat on Lake Union that comes complete with a deck, full kitchen, and a loft so you can get the best of both worlds: have alone zen time during the day and be able to party rock through the night . You're welcome -- cheers to the new you!

DOWNTOWN -- Attention rich renters: this schmanzy deal goes out to you. It may only be a one-bedroom pad that costs a mind-boggling $3,500 a month, but you'll feel far from cramped with 1,300 sq. ft, two decks, a walk-through closet to play with. Your sophisticated real estate palate won't be disappointed.

HIPSTER-OFF COMMENCES -- Seattleites, we need your help. We know that Seattle is a mecca for hipsters. Our flannel shirts, our faded Converses, our affinity for obscure music or literature that few others have heard of aren't an act. We know that, you know that, everyone knows it. Except for...the city of Austin. As such, they (Austin, TEXAS, y'all!) have challenged us to a hipster duel of sorts in a fruitless effort to out-hipster us. All we need is you to send us your hipster-iffic house photos, whether that entails living on a kick-ass houseboat or having Amiri Baraka poems etched into your bedroom walls. It's time to do your city proud. Hipster it up like only you know how, Seattle.