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Lake Chelan Castle On Sale For $129K

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

CHELAN -- Hear ye, hear ye: Extreme Washington Real Estate -- Home Edition kicked off this week with a Central Washington waterfront castle. We're talking the real, medieval deal: a no frills, two stories, one bedroom, 111 sq. ft castle turret that can be yours for the keeping for a mere $129,000. Finally, a place to (pretend to) make all your fairy tale dreams come true!

LOWER QUEEN ANNE -- Time to put on your pearls and argyle sweaters because we've got a cozy 3-bedroom house with decidedly New England charm to show you. This 1,800 sq. ft. home is downright pretty and comes complete with hardwood floors, two fireplaces, and an enclosed bistro terrace. Not bad for $773,330 -- not bad at all.

CAPITOL HILL -- This listing may have 7 bedrooms, but this ain't no college frat boy house. Even though this 8,440 sq. ft. Tudor could comfortably house a whole posse of burly bros, the $8,000/month rent doesn't really leave a ton of money left over for the brandy and cigars that the house ambiance demands, let alone any 30's of Natty Light for the ragers. That, and there's a $20,000 deposit. It's expensive, sure, but beauty always comes at a price...