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Make Your Nomination for the Hottest Chef in Seattle

Say goodbye to the ice storms of yester week. Eater's first-annual Hottest Chef in Seattle competition keeps things warm by kicking off today. The city's sexiest male and female culinary artists will battle it out tournament-style in nail-biting heats and final elimination rounds, all to crown a Seattle winner that'll go on to rep the Emerald City in Eater's national effort to celebrate this country's hottest chef.

But before we get to all that sexy excitement, we need your help. Nominate your biggest chef crushes, kitchen co-workers (or even yourselves — we won't tell) by emailing, along with a picture or link to an image, if you have one. Nominations will be culled and seeded by number of votes (think March Madness), then the games will begin come February 1. (And though chefs of all levels are welcome, we're going to hold off on bartenders and front-of-house nominees — though no worries, your objectification competition comes later this year.)