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Best Seattle Cafes: v The Atlantic put out a listicle/photo gallery entitled, "Best coffee shops in Seattle," and The Atlantic published an article yesterday called, "America's Coolest Coffeehouses." You may be wondering what the Venn diagram looked like on these two lists: no crossover whatsoever.

The Atlantic paid homage to Vivace, and the ignored it. What the list got right: "Best coffee shop for people who don't like coffee: Starbucks." In support of their Starbucks verdict, they write, "Don't like coffee? No problem. Your caramel mocha frappuccino tastes more like a milkshake than coffee, and you can always try the company's new blonde roast." Zing!

[Photo: Espresso Vivace]

Espresso Vivace Sidewalk Bar

321 Broadway E, Seattle, WA