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Tenoch Mexican Grill in Queen Anne Has Closed

Photos: Tenoch Mexican Grill/Facebook

Tipsters alerted us that Tenoch Mexican Grill's Queen Anne location is now shuttered. We spoke, communicated? with a worker answering the phone at Tenoch's International District location--who informed us that the Queen Anne spot has been sold. When we asked who the buyer was, the worker demurred and said he didn't know. A Chowhound board member says that there's a sign advertising that Five Fins, some sort of fish grill is coming to the space. If you have the skinny, you know what to do.

One of our tipsters remarked, "Queen Anne has had a rash of restaurant closings in the last month and it's starting to look like a ghost town up there." It's worth noting though that one landlord, Sue Wanwig, evicted three of the busineses: Ototo Sushi, Polpetta (formerly Enza Cucina), and Teacup.

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Tenoch Mexican Grill

2232 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA