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Tan Vinh at Pan African Grill; Chino's Tuesday Special

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WEST SEATTLE—Tan Vinh visits Pan African Grill's newest location in West Seattle. Vinh described it as a " a meat-grilled-on-an-open-flame joint." Vinh advises to stick with grilled chicken and avoid the sides. A liquor permit is pending. [Seattle Times]

CAPITOL HILLChino's Bar Manager Veronika Groth kicks off the tiki bar theme righteously. Seattle Met's Allecia Vermillion says that you can bring in a tiki mug for Chino's collection on Tuesdays and Groth will serve up one free tiki drink. [Seattle Met]

MOUNT BAKER—Family friendly neighborhood eatery Mioposto tells Seattle Met's Allecia Vermillion that after a slight remodel, they have a new bar offering called Cece. Mioposto's owner Jeremy Hardy says his own desire for a good drink helped inspire the project. “I live in the neighborhood, and there’s no place to get cocktails in the Mt. Baker area.” Oh, and it already has a happy hour: Daily from 4 to 5pm and again from 9 to 11. [Seattle Met]

CAPITOL HILL—Capitol Hill Seattle says that there' some kind free style Coca Cola machine at the Broadway Pagliacci Pizza. [CHS]

[Photo: Chino's/Yelp]

Pan African Grill

5905 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA