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Vegan Chain The Veggie Grill Coming to Seattle

Santa Monica, California based vegan chain The Veggie Grill says that they will be opening two of "many locations" in Seattle in May or June. The chain is known for its plant-based menu, including faux-meat sandwiches and burgers, as well as salads and desserts. According to the company, over 80% of its customers are meat eaters. Soccer star Landon Donovan, for one, is a fan. Known as an In-N-Out Burger devotee, he recently tweeted that he was craving Veggie Grill, and his favorite menu items are "Baja Fiesta Salad, Port. Burger, sweet pot. fries!"

When we asked about location, company co-founder T.K. Pillan told us, "We are working through the final details and hope to start construction in a couple months. We'll let you know the details once we are ready to start construction." The chain has been in expansion mode recently, after receiving $11M in financing to expand beyond its Southern California roots. Just last week, The Veggie Grill opened in Beaverton, Oregon and a Downtown Portland is expected to open next. The chain currently has eight locations in total.

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[Photo: The Veggie Grill]