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Belltown Green Leaf Delayed; Cuoco's Sunday Suppers

BELLTOWN—Vietnamese restaurant Green Leaf's second location in Belltown will be delayed to late February says Seattle Met's Chris Werner. The eatery had initially planned for a January opening. [Seattle Met]

SOUTH LAKE UNIONTom Douglas's Cuoco will offer Sunday Suppers: 'Every Sunday join us for Five Divine Dishes Family Style Menu ~ $30 per Guest." Looks like the plan is to keep this going all year. [Discover SLU]

BALLARDSeattle Times' Tan Vinh visits The Noble Fir and finds a limited food selection but a bevy of craft beer options. Vinh says that it has one of the largest selecitons of hard cider(~12) that he's seen in Seattle. Vinh took a shine to Fire Barrel from Mount Vernon's Red Barn Cider--declaring it to be(arguably) the best cider in Washington. [Seattle Times]

FOOD MEDIA—Those roguish Seattle chefs Tom Douglas and Thierry Rautureau will return to radio with In the Kitchen with Tom & Thierry says Seattle Met's Allecia Vermillion. The show will be called Seattle Kitchen, and it will air on KIRO 97.3 1/7 at 8am & again on 1/8 at 10 am. The hour-long show will air weekly. You may recall the duo's previous show, In the Kitchen, which was canceled in March 2010. [Seattle Met]

[Photo: Green Leaf/Facebook]


310 Terry Avenue N, Seattle, WA 98109 206 971 0710

Green Leaf

2800 1st Ave, Seattle, WA