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Bainbridge's Super Secret Restaurant; Champagne Learning

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Rione XIII
Rione XIII
Photo: S Pratt

BAINBRIDGE—Surly Gourmand reviews a super secret, industry, by-invite-only spot called The Last Parsnip. [SG]

CAPITOL HILL—Not cool to move a solo diner at the bar enjoying his third course, Rione XIII. [The Sunbreak]

QUEEN ANNESeattle Met drops some knowledge of grower Champagne, enjoyed at Fat Cork. Most of the producers Fat Cork works with "use minimal sulfites, and don't add much sugar, if any, after the second fermentation. They age for a minimum of three years, which means they arrive in Seattle ready to drink." [Seattle Met]

Rione XIII

401 15th Avenue East, , WA 98112 (206) 838-2878 Visit Website