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Bastille's Bee Keeping; Vancouver Salmonella Victims Sue

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Photo: Bastille/Facebook

BALLARDWall Street Journal takes a look at chefs and restaurateurs with country homes, gardens, and bees. Bastille's Jason Stoneburner has a rooftop garden at the restaurant and outsources bee keeping: "A key task is extracting enough honey so the bees have enough space, but not so much that they don't have enough food. Mr. Stoneburner's beekeeper visits the million bees that live on the roof once a week, extracts honey, and introduces a new queen each year." [WSJ]

VANCOUVER—In a move that surprises no one, victims of the recent salmonella outbreak stemming from a Vancouver, WA location of On the Border are suing the restaurant (via Seattle food safety lawyer extraordinaire Bill Marler). The Oregonian reports that a Happy Valley couple is the first to file suit against On the Border's parent company, and per the report, the duo ended up at the restaurant accidentally: "We went there because Macaroni Grill was closed." [OregonLive via -EPDX-]

Bastille Cafe and Bar

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