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Seattle Bartenders Say; Liberty Bar's Second Place Finish

BAR WIREMistral Kitchen's former bartender Andrew Bohrer says you should send drinks back: "I would have become a better bartender faster if guests had sent drinks back." And, Bryn Lumsden (of Vito's and Vessel) allows that his least-favorite drink is a White Russian, because "the Kahlua is always in the back of some dark shelf that is too low to the ground and the cream is wherever the last person who made coffee is." Plenty of great material in A.J. Rathbun's piece, go read the whole thing. [Seattle Magazine]

CAPITOL HILLLiberty's Andrew Friedman came in second with his añejo-based cocktail, Una Oportunidad ("One Shot") in the inaugural Luxardo cocktail competition held in San Francisco last week. Chicago bartender Clint Rogers won first prize, a trip to Luxardo's headquarters in Padua, Italy. Eater Chicago has all the details, so head on over. [-ECHI-]

[Photo: Vito's / Facebook]


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