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Charming Row House Cafe Beefs Up Menu in Cascadia

Photo courtesy Row House Cafe

Not surprisingly, the mammoth construction project design to clean up the "Mercer Mess" between Seattle Center and the Interstate 5 onramps has made a mess of its own. Then throw in the construction projects all over South Lake Union and you've got an even bigger mess.

All temporary, one hopes, but there are casualties along the way: as reported on Eater last month, Moka's Cafe is now g-gone. But there's good news literally just around the corner.

Row House Cafe, that utterly charming holdout against highrises on Republican, isn't just sitting there waiting to be bulldozed. Far from it. It's a tough sell, getting people to cross Fairview to those three cute retro cabins that make up Row House, but owner Erin Maher has a plan: a hearty breakfast option, afternoon noshes, and "a proper supper menu so you won't have to cook at home." To wit, smoked maple chipolte meatballs, roasted chicken lettuce wraps, and a smoked salmon fettucini that's worth the swim upstream.

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Row House Cafe

1170 Republican Street, Seattle, WA 98109 206-682-7632

Row House Cafe

1170 Republican Street Seattle WA