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Top Chef Judge Hugh Acheson on Filming in Seattle

Seattle Weekly's Hanna Raskin scores an interview with celebrated new Southern chef and Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson. On the Magical Elves and the secrecy surrounding Top Chef filming (cue the Padma shushing), Acheson remarked

Top Chef, for obvious reasons, likes to keep the location a secret until the show lineup is announced. Though rumors get spread, and people start chatting, the location is really not known to most of the viewers, just readers of Eater and relentless followers of the food world.
Acheson's greatest hits list for the Emerald City includes Pike Place Market, Canlis, Walrus & Carpenter, Sitka & Spruce, Madison Park Conservatory, and "all of Ethan (Stowell)'s places." Acheson's "best of" list corresponds almost exactly with Eater's Top Chef Stalking Map, a roundup of all the places Top Chef judges were spotted at.

The Washingtonian's Jessica Voelker (formerly of Seattle Met) interviews Gail Simmons, and Simmons has words for bloggers: "Our goal is to make the best show we can make, so I'm always amazed people want to ruin that for the audience that really watches us to be surprised and to enjoy it." Now that the secrets are out, Top Chef Seattle premieres November 7.

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[Photo: Virginia Sherwood / Bravo TV]