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Boom! Michelin Guide Might Be Expanding to Seattle

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Might the anonymous Michelin inspectors soon be joining the legions in line for The Walrus and The Carpenter? The Michelin Guide — the world's oldest and most recognized restaurant guide — is considering an expansion to Seattle and other US cities, according to Michael Ellis, the new international director of Michelin. In an interview with Eater National, Ellis says:

I really want to expand into more cities in the U.S... I'm considering places like DC, Miami, Atlanta . . . Those [L.A. and Vegas] are certainly on the drawing board. Seattle and Houston and Dallas are others, but we're thinking about it.

Currently, Michelin publishes guides in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and several international cities. Ellis talks about the criticisms that have been leveled at the guide, adapting to a changing dining culture, the need for anonymity, and more.

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