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Ethan Stowell's Next Stop: Salumiville

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Ethan Stowell is gearing up to open his newest empire spawn: a salumi bar next door to Anchovies & Olives. A well-placed source at A&O says the spot should be open by end of January/early February. What still needs to be determined is a name. There isn't one yet.

Just how Stowell's no-name bar came about is way more interesting.

The building's landlord, already a fan of doing business with Stowell, loaned him the money to open his next venture, which, at 1,000 square-feet, is about half the size of A&O. In order to make it economical for all parties involved, Stowell is looking at this new space as a build-out to assist A&O. The two places will share a bathroom, dish pit and walk-in and will be conveniently connected by a hallway.

This new spot will not be a waiting room or spill-over space for A&O; what it will be eventually, besides a restaurant with a name, is a place to enjoy a glass of wine, cocktail, some nibbly bits, salumi and even pizza.
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