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La Medusa Saved; Beer, Beer and More Beer

Photo: Marination

COLUMBIA CITYLa Medusa is no longer for sale. That's because the beloved restaurant's chef and sous chef are pooling their money to buy the place. Viva La Medusa! [Seattle Met]

WEST SEATTLE—You're probably going to get drunk at Thanksgiving this year anyway, so why not do it properly? Marination ma kai is hosting a beer pairing class November 20th from 6-7p at their new Alki home. For $25, Washington state's first female Cicerone (an old-timey term for beer sommelier) will tell you exactly what brew goes with turkey and all the trimmings. Oh, and you'll get to actually drink the beers, too. You also get your choice of 2 tacos or sliders, so hopefully you're not a lightweight. [EaterWire]

WEST SEATTLE—When you drink your beer on Alki next Tuesday, pour a little out for our homie The Shipwreck Tavern. After three years, the place will serve its last pint Sunday. Not only that, but everything in the joint is for sale, so bring your stein and your big purse. [West Seattl Blog]

BALLARD—In the "too many bars are closing" file, Old Town Alehouse is closing after 17-years. No other details have been given, including a specific closing date. [My Ballard]