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Bing's Loses the Hokey (And the House Sauce)

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Photo: Seattle Restaurants & Bars

After a year-and-a-half under new ownership, Bing's is throwing a grand opening party. Why? Owner George Marshall just got himself happy with the menu.

"We've sophisticated the sandwiches and made them with better quality products. For instance, our signature burger now has Painted Hills meat, Hempler's bacon, Beecher's flagship [cheese] and a Macrina brioche bun," he says.

There's other changes, too: "The ambiance is definitely more industrial chic. To me, it was hokey before. There were a dozen burgers and 10 salads on the menu ? none of it made sense. There was no real common theme," says Marshall, who has not only narrowed the menu selection, but thrown in some handmade pastas and a new chef—Erik Skaar, most recently of Crush.

Surprisingly, one of the biggest upsets has been his removal of a beloved condiment.

Giving a side-eye to popular opinion, Marshall got rid of the house sauce. "People are losing their minds. One woman left me her phone number and said to call her when I decided to bring back the salsa mayo, which she only used to dunk her fries." He continues, "Me and my wife, we love to go out to eat. We're trying to create a restaurant that we would go to, while trying not to get too many of our regulars crazy. I know that's kind of a fine line there, but that's the avenue we're taking."

Marshall has also brought his passion for craft beer to Bing's, as well as craft cocktails courtesy of new bartender Joe Sanchez, who is currently tending bar at Frank's Oyster House.

Come feel the winds of change for yourself during Bing's grand opening celebration November 29 from 11:30 am - close. There will be passed appetizers, Dogfish Head kegs and lots of other new things to try and convince you that Madison Park would still be a food destination if Madison Park Conservatory didn't exist.
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