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Downtown Seattle Gets Its Own Food Truck Pod

Used to be, the southeast corner of Second and Pike belonged to the big badass Maximus Minimus that occupied the parking lot with the self-assured swagger of a Roman gladiator. But that was back before the food truck explosion in Seattle (a muffled explosion, to be sure, compared to Portland, where food trucks have their own blog for the past several years).

Seattle's food truck and food cart scene is a lot younger, barely a year old, but there's now a Seattle food truck database, and at least a couple of "pods" organized by food truck owners themselves.

The new one at Second and Pike was put together by Amy Novak, who works for Seattle architect Stuart Chung; it will feature three trucks at a time, in two shifts (morning & lunch; dinner & evening) every day, from a rotation of eight or so. The schedule and list of participating trucks is online. Not to worry: Dog Japon, the cute little Japanese hot dog stand will remain on the site as well.

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Rendering by Stewart Chung courtesy of PSBJ

Food Truck Pod

2nd Avenue & Pike St., Seattle WA 98101