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Local Pho Now Open in Belltown

Across the street from the Belltown Dog Park, in the space formerly occupied by Gambas, comes the answer to many a hipster's dreams: an authentic pho parlor. It's called Local Pho, and for the past week it has been ladling inexpensive bowls of fragrant Vietnamese beef & rice-noodle soup to an appreciative clientele. The owner is Sam Han, who's also one of the chefs, with a 20-year career in small neighborhood eateries (notably Lucky's Pho in Fremont and Mooberry in Ballard).

The pho is $6.95 at lunch, $7.95 at dinner. Also available are banh mi ($5 during weekday lunch hours) along with a few grilled and sauteed dishes in the traditional chicken-pork-shrimp-tofu conjugation with rice or noodles and NY-style cheesecake for dessert.

Belltown may be awash with international flavors, but has only been able to boast of a pho parlor since Green Leaf opened an outpost at First & Clay six months ago. No disrespecting owner Ridgley Kuang's far more extensive and imaginative menu, but his pho costs an extra two bucks. Not to mention seven blocks away from the dog park.

· Local Pho [Official Site]

Local Pho

2230 3rd Avenue Seattle WA 98121