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17 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Last Night's Top Chef Canlis Episode

Canlis viewing party
Canlis viewing party
Photo: Brian Canlis

Did you catch last night's episode of Top Chef? Canlis, which played a prominent role in the episode by letting the contestants take over for a night, hosted a viewing party for some of their regulars, friends and family who were invited to be dinner guests in the restaurant during filming this summer. Brothers Brian and Mark Canlis (probably still arguing over who the better looking brother is) shed some light on what happened behind the scenes.

· Dinner happened at 9:30 a.m..
· Set-up started at 2 a.m..
· It took a TV crew of nearly 100 people to set up the restaurant and tear it down.
· The show rented the Swedish Cultural Center parking lot for all of the crew's vehicles.
· They also rented rooms next door at the retirement center to do everyone's makeup.
· Jason Franey got cut from the show. So did Maria Hines. Their tablemate, Ethan Stowell, was the only one who made the cut.
· Mark's least favorite thing to eat was the squab.
· Brian's least favorite was the Canlis Salad.
· Mark's favorite judge is Emeril Lagasse.
· Brian's favorite judge is Hugh Acheson.
· The brothers say the most frustrating thing was not being able to serve the tables while they ate with the judges.
· Diners got to order whatever they wanted from the 1950s menu, albeit it cooked by the contestants.
· Padma loves aged Islay whiskey.
· After they wrapped filming, Mark made Padma a Canlis salad from scratch.
· At 5 a.m., the crew sent a PA to get them 3 bags of McDonald's breakfast sandwiches.
· It was an all-day, 18 hour shoot from load-in to load-out.
· The Canlis brothers will be in future episodes (if they don't get cut).

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