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Cochon 555 Returns to Seattle; Nook Trims Menu to Just Biscuits and Nobody Complains

Bitterroot BBQ
Bitterroot BBQ
Photo: S. Pratt / ESEA

U-DISTRICTRealizing their tiny space couldn't handle a robust brunch business, Nook is closing this weekend and reopening with a trimmed-down menu, specifically biscuits-only. Nosh Pit says there will be both sweet and savory biscuits, and that the new shop will operate more as a coffee shop than a cafe. [Seattle Met]

SEATTLEApparently, people who don't live in Seattle or Portland are jealous of Starbucks' new $7 coffee. Right now, Costa Rica Finca Palmilera Geisha is only available in 48 of the chain's 11,000 locations. [Seattle Weekly]

SEATTLECochon 555 is coming back to Seattle March 17, with a location TBD. New additions in 2013 include the streaming live cocktail competition called "Punch Kings" featuring local mixologists. [EaterWire]


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