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The Early Word on Hockey Bar The Angry Beaver

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The Angry Beaver
The Angry Beaver
Photo: S. Pratt

Three weeks ago, The Angry Beaver replaced longtime Phinney Ridge bar The Pig 'n Whistle. While the latter was known for its wings, Beaver owner Tim Pipes wants The Angry Beaver to be the city's only dedicated hockey bar (if and when the hockey season ever starts). Forget about the controversial name, how are folks responding to the eats and drinks? Here's what early reports had to say.

The Poutine Flight News: Seattle Met says that the bar offers an intriguing sounding poutine flight, where "dams" of fries are topped with curry, mushroom, and beef gravy and Beecher's curds. Look for a Victoria, BC-style halibut and chips to grace the menu, once Pipes has perfected the recipe. [Seattle Met]

The Dreamy News: The Stranger's Megan Seling offers that it's her "bar-dream come true." [The Stranger]

The Cheap Happy Hour News: Yelper Lindsey S. is no poutine expert (and does not like mushrooms) but that doesn't stop her from going off on the gravies. She very much liked the $1 Manny's at happy hour though. [Yelp]

The WTF News: Foursquare user Geoff S. comments, "Woah... $6.25 for a micro?? Wtf." [Foursquare]

The Hail Caesar News: A self-styled Canadian hockey bar must offer a Caesar, Canada's national cocktail, and Sam H. for one approves. [Yelp]

The Maple Syrup Cocktail News: Michele W recommends trying the Canadian Cowgirl cocktail, which like the other whisky-based cocktails (John Candy and Saskatchewan Sidecar), use real maple syrup. [Yelp]

The Commentariat News: Eater commenters were mostly enthusiastic with one saying, "Huge fan, player and live close to the place. Plan on being a regular" and another offering, "Great! Finally a place that has good beer and food and will show most hockey games." [ESEA]

Other Canadian treats you can find at Angry Beaver: Beaver Tails, Nanaimo Bars, And, some planned for the future: Weekly "Rush Hour," "Hockey Shots," Canadian candy like Crunchie Bars, Coffee Crisp, Smarties and Mr Big bars, Tim Horton's coffee, and Beaver swag. [Facebook]

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The Angry Beaver

8412 Greenwood Avenue North, , WA 98103 (206) 782-6044 Visit Website

The Angry Beaver

8412 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA