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Because Jäger and Ice Cream Don't Mix

The hottest hot cake on Ballard Ave., Hot Cakes owner Autumn Martin, is coming out with her very own cookbook. Probably because Hot Cakes Off the Press is dumb, it'scalled Malts & Milkshakes and will include 60 recipes that cover all the bases, from classic soda fountain flavors to the more adventurous Bacon Oatmeal Raisin and Blackberry Lavender. But the reason most people will probably buy this book: booze shakes (smoked chocolate and scotch, jalapeno tequila). Martin has also thrown in some cookie and ice-cream sandwich recipes that she claims are easy to make. You know, if you're still sober. Look for Autumn's book in the Spring: April 2013.

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[Photo: S. Pratt / ESEA]

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