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Cafe Racer Fundraiser Tonight

An all-ages fundraiser is on tap this evening at Cafe Racer, site of the horrific shootings back in May.

Don Largen, one of the victims, was a land use planner and saxaphone player. Kimberly Layfield was an actor. Joe and Drew played in the house band, God's Favorite Beefcake. The lone was survivor among the staff who had the bad luck to be on duty that day was Len Meuse, who left his job as a research scientist at the UW to go to cooking school and became a pastry chef.

(There's more about Meuse in the UW alumni magazine.) At any rate, Racer's owner, Kurt Geissel, has built a separate baking kitchen for Meuse, where he bakes pies and cakes and doughnuts and cookies and breads and whatever else he feels like each morning.

Details of the show itself are on the BrownPaperTickets website.

· Cafe Racer [Official Site]

[Photo by Marlow Harris]

Cafe Racer

5828 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98105

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