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Augustus Premieres in Fremont; Keep Clam

FREMONT What's that next to Hunger? Oh, hey, it's a new bar. But it's not open tonight. [Seattle Met]

SEATTLEBon Appetit really likes these two locally made ingredients.[AYCE]

CAPITOL HILLSometimes, you just have to move down the street to find a better kitchen. [CHS]

AUBURN— And, yeah, someone really did get that Ivar's clam tattooed on their arm. ActionTattoo in Auburn gave a woman named Lisa Luxe, a lifelong Ivar's fan, a black and white tattoo of the company's famous Dancing Clam on her arm. "Keep Clam" has never been more literal. [EaterWire]


3601 Fremont Avenue N, Seattle, Wa 98103 206 402 4854