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Peek Inside Maria Hines' Agrodolce

If armageddon doesn't get to Friday before Maria Hines does, she'll be opening the doors of her hotly anticipated new Southern Italian restaurant, Agrodolce. Hines plans to channel her inner Real Housewives by telling the Mayan calendar, "we are not having this conversation," and throwing a party, complete with a special four-course meal and spirit animal costumes. Yeah, you're encouraged to dress as your spirit animal, but it's cool if you eat them instead.

The four-course prix fixe menu is $65; an extra $30 buys you wine pairings. Diners get to pick one item from each course:

First Course
Wild Arugula Salad - blood orange, ricotta salata, thumbelina carrot
Arancini - Skagit River Ranch beef, tomato, carnaroli rice
Housemade Burrata - cylindrical beet, citrus honey gastrique, mint

Second Course
Bucatini - pine nut, sardine, fennel, golden raisin
Ricotta Cavetelli - black truffle butter, marjoram, garlic
Spaghetti - Skagit River Ranch sugo, hot pepper, red wine

Third Course
Hand Cut Tagliarini - Sicilian pistachio, sweet myrtle, pecorino
St. Jude's Albacore Tuna - controne bean, lacinato kale, caper
Lamb Meatballs - grilled treviso, onion marmalade, saffron potatoes

Theo Chocolate Budino - Italian chestnut, whipped cream, mint
Orange Cannoli - sheep's milk ricotta, shaved chocolate, holmquist hazelnut
Limoncello Sorbetto - lemon-thyme, candied fennel, almond

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[Photos: S. Pratt / ESEA]


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