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But What Will Happen to Taco Gringos?

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The answer to that question has been answered, Eater Nation.

After word spread that the Capitol Hill late-night taco joint was going out of business to make room for Kedai Makan, readers feared the worse. Would Taco Gringos be leaving...for good? Take a deep breath, fellow tortilla lovers, because the answer is a resounding "yes."

TG owner Michael Pitts, who just returned from a three day trip in Atlanta (where he's been while all of this business trading-of-hands has been going down), says he basically just needs a big ol' break. "There are no plans to reopen. After five plus years, it's time to step aside." He says he is thrilled the space is going to good people and that the move will benefit the neighborhood, which he just happens to live in. "[Rachel Marshall and Kate Opatz ] were interested, the timing was right, we've done our thing, it's time to go."

Pitts says it's not out of the question that he and his business partner, Taber Turpin, will open something else someday, but "I've already booked my trip to Hawaii to figure out what I want to do next."

There you have it.

[Photo of Taco Gringos: Flickr]

Kedai Makan

1449 East Pine Street, , WA 98122 (206) 535-3562 Visit Website

Taco Gringos

914 East Pike St., Seattle, WA 98122