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Friends of Eater Offer Headline Predictions for 2013

The time has come to wrap up Eater's annual tradition of tapping friends, industry types, bloggers, and readers for their year-end food opinions and general recommendations. We've already covered Best Standbys, Top Newcomers, 2012 in a Word, Best Dining Neighborhood, Biggest Dining Surprise, Best Meals and Restaurant Breakups. Now, Headline Predictions for 2013.
thierry.jpg [Thierry Rautureau]

Q: What Are Your Headline Predictions for 2013?

Allecia Vermillion, food & drink editor, Seattle Metropolitan: Thierry Rautureau Gets His Own TV Show.

Julien Perry, editor, Eater Seattle: Next Best Dining Neighborhood: West Seattle. But more likely, Canlis Wins James Beard Award.

Hanna Raskin, restaurant critic, Seattle Weekly: I hope we see lots of headlines touting advances in food safety legislation.

Surly Gourmand, writer/curmudgeon: Ethan Stowell Opens Thirty New Restaurants.

Alicia Arter, Zagat Survey/Google restaurant editor, Seattle: Hah! I don't know how you predict accurately what will open and how diners will take to it. In general I think that flavors will intensify, and that more authentic, small ethnic places will open up.

Jennifer Worick, author, Things I Want to Punch in the Face: I suspect comfort food will continue to be elevated, much to my chagrin. Leave my mac and cheese and fish n' chips alone.

Kathleen Flinn, author, The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry: Bacon Officially Jumps the Shark; More Food Additives Succumb to 'Pink Slime Effect'; McDonald's to Go After Vegans. No, Really;
Organic Meat Farmers Next Market? Wal-Mart Shoppers.

Erin Thomas, editor, SIP NW: Foam will stop as a trend (please God), more places will continue to grow their gluten-free menus and Ethan Stowell will open up at least seven restaurants.

Linda Miller Nicholson, Salty Seattle: Tater Tots Take Nation by Swarm. Look for tots made with heirloom potato varieties, stuffed with all manner of things such as cheese, foie gras, and bacon, and generally tricked out fancier than Honey Boo Boo on pageant day.

Scott Heimendinger, director of applied research, Modernist Cuisine: Michelin Acknowledges Pacific Northwest, Puts a Star On It.

Leslie Kelly, contributor, Seattle Magazine: Veggies Rule! While 2012 was all about meat, next year, veggies are really going to get the superstar treatment they deserve. Started to see the seeds planted this year, when turnips, rutabagas, parsnips and celeriac were showing up in all sorts of beautiful dishes. Who knew roots could be so sexy? Wait, that sounds dirty.