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Ordering In via Amazon Fresh

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Two things come to mind, reading Rebekah Denn's extensive account in the Times of the new Amazon Fresh restaurant delivery service.

First, how cool it is. You could, of course, order a chub of Australian "Kobe" ground beef ($6.69), a four-pack of Macrina buns ($4.49) and a sixpack of Pike Brewing Company's Kilt-Lifter Ale ($9.68) and assemble your own burgers, or click on Skillet Diner and, for only $17.50, have two burgers (plus buns, sauce, etc.) delivered. True, you have to cook the burgers either way, but Skillet fans know it's all in the sauce.

Second, who gets to decide what's on offer? That job, which Amazon calls "Culinary Projects Manager," may be the most important restaurant slot in Seattle, and it's actually held by a very qualified guy named Jonathan Hunt. Name sound familiar? Remember Lowell-Hunt, for a decade the most prestigious catering company in the region? That was Hunt and his business partner Russell Lowell. When they broke up, Hunt plunged into consulting work, started Boom Noodle and Blue C Sushi, among other projects.

So far, Seattle's the only city in the country with this particular restaurant dispatch model, mixing groceries, restaurant meals and same-day delivery. We're betting it's going to be very successful.

· Amazon Fresh [Official Site]

Photo courtesy of Boom Noodle