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Gordon Ramsay Taps Tyler Palagi

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Until two nights ago, the Prohibition Grille was a respectable but tired diner overlooking Everett's industrial waterfront. Then Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares crew arrived, and in short order overhauled the place. Zipped-lips are the name of the game since non-disclosure agreements have been signed, but Eater Seattle certainly did see Tyler Palagi in the kitchen even though his most recent position at Radiator Whiskey in the Pike Place Market was revealed just a couple of days ago.

Ramsay says Palagi will, indeed, run the kitchen at Prohibiton for an unspecified transition period and train a new, permanent chef.

As you may recall, Ramsay was in Seattle last week, revamping a Phinney Ridge restaurant and being bad at food porn.

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[Photo by Ronald Holden]

Prohibition Grille

1414 Hewitt Avenue Everett, WA 98201