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Au Revoir! Rover's to Close in April

Thierry Rautureau wants you to know Rover's is not going out of business; he's simply ending a great chapter in his life and moving on to new opportunities, (something he's not ready to talk about quite yet).

"There's really no story to tell," says Rautureau. "After more than 25-years, I'm ready for a new project."

Rautureau was intending on letting the cat out of the bag after the holidays, but a public real estate listing, specifically naming Rover's, made the announcement first.

"It is what it is. I feel privileged to have had a successful restaurant like Rover's for as long as I did. Now, it's time for a new chapter."

The Chef in the Hat!!! (a trademarked moniker, inclusive of exclamation marks) also says he's leaving at the top of his game, with a recent 29/30 Zagat score, not to mention a spot on Top Chef Masters—twice.

He's hoping his regulars will have time to visit his restaurant one or two more times before he closes his doors for good in April. Plus, you can still catch the fedorable chef at his other restaurant, LUC, and his online video series, Kitchen Circus.

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