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Jamie Moyer's House Up for Grabs; West Coast Guys are Fly, and We Know It

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.

CAPITOL HILL -- Does the prospect of dropping dolla' dolla' bills to buy new furniture to move into a place sound terrible to you? Well, you're in luck: there's a condo on the Hill with tons of non-negotiable furniture waiting for you. We know that it's only 489 sq. ft., but we consider the place a steal at $164,900, especially considering the central location and views of the city. Consider it a time investment, as now you don't have to lock yourself into the caverns of Ikea to find furniture to fit in your place. (Read: peace of mind = priceless)

MAGNOLIA -- Jamie Moyer's House. Is. Still. On. The. Market. We repeat, the Moyer we came to love and know for his laughably effective 75 mph fastballs and wicked 12-to-6 curves that brought whiffing Major Leaguers to their knees -- yeah, his swanky 7,100 sq. ft., 6-bed house has been on and off the market since he left in 2006. (Maybe it's in the hope that he'll come back? Someday? Eventually? Please?) If you want it, it's yours for a cool $5,350,000.

ON THE INTERWEBS -- Listen up, Seattle. East Coasters are trying to one-up us again by passive aggressively dropping hints that they have the best, swoon-worthy male specimens roaming their cities. We at Curbed have wandered the boroughs of New York and cruised around the streets of Boston in our time. And we beg to differ. So we are launching our very own Seattle "Light Rail Crush" and need YOUR help to show East Coasters what the West Coast, best coast has to offer.