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Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert Name Seattle Favorites

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Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert rolled into town Saturday night with their Good vs. Evil tour. The evening had few surprises. When asked by an audience meber what some of his favorite Seattle spots were, Bourdain listed Salumi, Tom Douglas joints, and Le Pichet. One actual surprise for us was that Bourdain said that though he really liked Grant Achatz as a person, he didn't much like his dining experience at Alinea. Bourdain then quickly added that he was as eager for a Next reservation as anyone.

We caught up with Eric Ripert after the show and asked him about his culinary experiences in Seattle. Ripert noted that this was his fourth visit to our fair city. We asked if he looked forward to visiting any places in particular, and Ripert answered, "I don’t think I have visited Seattle once without having a meal at Rover’s where my good friend Thierry Rautureau always cooks something special for me." Aww--Frenchie love--nothing like it.

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