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Your Very Last-Minute Valentine's Day Reservations Guide

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Did you forget or wait until the very last minute to make Valentine's Day reservations? Don't worry, all hope is not lost. You can still have a romantic evening out at one of the following restaurants, who have tables available between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. on OpenTable. Tomorrow is Maggie Savarino's last day at Madison Park Conservatory(which is booked tomorrow night), and she has some departing advice for those who didn't land a coveted V-Day reservation:

1) You can ask to be put on a waiting list (restaurants get cancellations when people make multiple reservations)
2) For the love of god avoid saying "7:00" Let it go, dine at 9, get a little sexy, a little continental, be flexible. and you'll have a better chance getting a table.
3) You waited til last minute. I know it. You know it. So be nice.
4) Consider the bar. It's just a holding station for rezzies. restaurant bars can be slow on V-Day, because no one wants to walk in without a rezzie.

Finally, we asked around and found that these romantic venues have availability tomorrow night:
Marjorie ("We still have a couple of 5PM and 9:30 reservations in our annex")
RN74 ("9 pm and later we have availability!")
Six Seven ("We do have some availability left, a few during prime dinner hours as well")
Bako ("Can take reservations for V-Day. Thanks!")
Little Water Cantina (has availability)
The Upstairs (AOPC pop-up dinner prepared by real life sweethearts Kari Brunson & Brandin Myett )
Pintxo (has availability)
Ba Bar (has availability)
Vito's (has availability)


1412 E Union Street, Seattle, WA 98122 206 441 9842 Visit Website

Little Water Cantina

2865 Eastlake Avenue East, , WA 98102 (206) 397-4940 Visit Website