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Zoe_Cap_Hill_200.jpgIn Restaurant Zoe's opening alert piece published two days ago, Eater forgot our spectacles. The new Zoe is in fact much smaller than the old one. Restaurant Zoe's owner Scott Staples wrote in to correct our mistaken impression: "The Belltown location was 4400 square feet seating 90 people. Our new space is half that and seating 49 people (our rent is half!). Our patio seats 30 people. I guess it seems larger because of the spaciously higher ceilings and rectangular floor plan." We have corrected the original article, as well. [EaterWire]

Restaurant Zoe

1318 E Union Street, Seattle, Washington 98122 206 256 2060 Visit Website

Restaurant Zoe

1318 E Union St., Seattle, WA