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Palaces in Olympia; Bellingham Digs!

Without further ado, we present the latest and greatest from our sister site, Curbed Seattle.


OLYMPIA -- Straight. Up. Lavish. That's how we describe this 4-bed, 5.5 bath, 13,335 sq. ft. waterfront crib nestled in Olympia. And that's not all. Chandeliers, 16 covered parking spaces, indoor hot tub/spa, the list goes on and on. Price tag: $5.9 million.

BELLINGHAM -- Who knew that "Life in a Northern Town" could be so cray cray! An indoor basketball court along with 4 beds and 6,000 sq. ft.? We dig, we dig it hard B-Ham.

ON THE INTERWEBS -- We at Curbed Seattle are always on the lookout for good deals for alls y'alls so here's one for you to go nuts with: Hello!Lucky is offering Curbed readers an exclusive 15% off anything in the store if they order any of their Seattle-themed stationary on the internet pages. Wedding announcements, invitations, friendly howdy-doo notes -- Hello!Lucky has you covered with a discount. Win-win!