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Which Capitol Hill Restaurant Had Tom Douglas Ranting?

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Last Saturday's episode of Seattle Kitchen(dated 2/25) featured Tom Douglas ranting about a restaurant he had dined at the night before. Douglas says that he was struck by the inefficiency of the space, the owner recognized him and asked him for help("our food needs help"), and the delays in securing their entrees. Douglas labels it a restaurant that's making "stupid, stupid mistakes." In fact he concludes, it's a restaurant that won't make it and an example of "what not to do."

Here are the clues that Douglas laid out in his review:

Interior is prettier than expected
Mixed reviews on Yelp
Hanna Raskin said it was shaky
Five red wines on their red wine list
10 specialty cocktails
Appetizers were pretty good (B or B+)
Owner comes from a restaurant family
5 months old
Put on you thinking hats and give us your best guess in the comments.

And, here's the whole show:

More audio at

· Seattle Kitchen(2/25 Episode) [KIRO FM]