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Avalon Restaurant Closes in West Seattle Due to High Rent

Photo: Avalon Restaurant/Facebook

Avalon Restaurant, whose "Tapas Tuesday" was recently touted by Seattle Times' Tan Vinh as a great deal, served its last meal on Friday says West Seattle Herald. Avalon's owners Deborah Breuler, Thomas Breuler, and Mary Palmer opened up to the Herald about the reasons for the thirteen-month-old eatery's closure, citing a combination of high monthly costs and a drop off in business. Palmer also noted that the location, the former site of the short-lived Cafe Revo, was problematic: "We're not in the Junction where people walk by every day."

Deborah Breuler says that the biggest problem was the rent and a wilful landlord named Dolly Bennett: ""I spoke to the landlord in November and tried to negotiate a better rent. She didn't want to talk about it. You know when she finally wanted to talk about it? Today[2/3/12] at 3:00[p.m.]." Bennett is allowing Avalon out of its four year lease, "She[Bennett] said if I leave, and leave my assets she will will not sue me."

If anyone is interested in the space, here is the Craigslist commercial listing.

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Avalon Restaurant

2940 SW Avalon Way, Seattle, WA