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Vote Hot Chef Round 4: Ludwig, Martin, Howell

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eater-hottest-chef-2012.jpgOver the past two weeks, you've sent your recommendations for Seattle's Hottest Chef and 24 nominees will compete against each other, day after day, until we land on the final crop, who will fight it out to be crowned Seattle's hottest chef. Seattle's winner then goes on to rep the Emerald City in Eater's national effort to celebrate this country's hottest chef. As is always the case, we'll be keeping a close watch on any suspicious behavior, and disqualifications are always an option. So let's make it a clean fight.

In Round 4, we have Danny Ludwig(Little Water Cantina) facing off against Autumn Martin(Hot Cakes), and Christopher Howell(Smith). The winner of this heat moves onto the semifinals to face Round 1 Winner Makini Howell(Plum), Round 2 Winner Brian Walczyk(Brave Horse Tavern), and Round 3 Winner John Connolly(Bitterroot BBQ).

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